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Guidance Resources for Students and Family

Monika Van Baren and Kelsea Ochs are available to help every WHS student with questions regarding scholarships, colleges, testing, and more.

Kelsea works with GEAR-UP/College Options Inc. and can be found in the College & Career Center (Rm 4).

Ms. VB is in the office and works directly with student records.


Senior class students have all received electronic copies of the available national, state/county, and local scholarships in a Google document folder called Weed High School Scholarships. If a parent and or guardian would like access to these files the files are in the locker to the right. Please check back on a regular basis as the scholarship information is always being updated.


Contact Info

Monika Van Baren
(530) 938-4774, ext. 2004

Academics Locker
1/25/18 8:51 PM
1/25/18 8:51 PM
1/25/18 8:51 PM